CHK Realty ——北卡三角区最大华人房地产公司

美国北卡罗莱纳三角地区最大的华裔美国人房地产公司CHK Realty Investment, Inc.,成立于2004年,创始人是姚承伟(Tony Yao),他在过去的15年里一直被认为是三角地区最大的房地产经纪人。CHK Realty拥有60多名经纪人,会说中文和英文,为众多本地、国内和国际客户提供居住和投资物业服务。这是一家全方位服务的房地产公司,专业从事住宅和商业房地产业务,并为客户提供高质量的服务和有竞争力的费用。

CHK Realty Investment, Inc., the largest Chinese-America real estate company in Triangle area,North Carolina, was founded in 2004 by Tony Yao, who has been recognized as the top producer in the Triangle area for last 15 year. With over sixty agents, speaking both Chinese and English, CHK Realty is serving numerous local, national, and international clientsfor their living and investment properties.We are a real estate full-service company, specialized in both residential and commercial real estate business and providing high quality services to our clients with competitive fees.



Our knowledgeable and experienced agents offer a full range of services for this very dynamic and fast-growing market. We provide listing services for property sellers through our effective sales networks and various digital social media channels to get their properties sold fast. We assist buyers to find their home or investment properties; as well as property management and tenant representation services. You can expect the utmost professionalism and dedication to all of your real estate needs. We thrive to provide best services to help you sell or buy a home by educating and guiding you through the whole transaction, every step of the way.


Our professional services will also leverage the business relationships that we have built with inspectors, mortgage brokers, title companies, utility companies and other resources required to make the process of property transactions informed, effort-less and enjoyable to all our clients, regardless they are local or remote, first time buyers / sellers or experienced, home buyers or property investors.


Our mission is to provide superior services to our clients and make them successful in their real estate business. We look forward to working with you and adding you into our list of happy clients. Please visit us on Facebookor call 919-345-6370 for connecting to us.


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