Please offer your love, to help a teenage girl to stand up again

■Writer: Sisi Law (Yumin Luo) Editor: Kevin Tong

Xuemei is my good friend, a mother of five children, and a super mom in our eyes. She not only takes good care of the big family with her husband, but also takes her daughters to participate into community activities and develop good hobbies all the time. We sang and danced together, participated into community performances, and that’s how we met her third daughter, Hailey Gao. Lively and lovely, Hailey is good at singing and dancing and has brought us a lot of joy!

Below is a picture of Teacher Mei Singing, Xuemei dancing with Hailey.

Unfortunately, in January 2022, Hailey suffered from an accident and lost consciousness due to severe brain ischemia and hypoxia. After urgent rescue and the mother’s careful care, the girl’s vital signs were stabilized, but the severe sequelae of cerebral hypoxia caused her continued unconsciousness and a seeming vegetative state. Xuemei entrusted her husband and two eldest daughters to take care of the entire extended family. The husband has to shoulder the family’s financial burden and take care of the two younger kids. Xuemei herself took Hailey to various medical institutions to seek various treatment options. After multiple surgeries, treatments and rehabilitation, as well as the family’s dedication and love, the girl’s condition has improved significantly. Every time Xuemei chatted with Hailey, Hailey could understand, would shed tears, and smiled, but she still couldn’t speak or walk.

Xuemei is currently taking Hailey to seek medical treatment in Houston, using Mert therapy, and Hailey needs to inject stem cells once a week to repair damaged nerves. It is evident that after 7 months the injection of stem cells, her condition has improved significantly, and she can make a sound of “ahah”. The doctor said there is a 50% chance of recovery with very good care. This probability is very high. Xuemei said, “I will never give up no matter what!” Stem cells cannot be injected all the time, only for one year. Xuemei plans to take Hailey back to China in a few months to find experts in neurology and acupuncture to see if acupuncture can help Hailey stand up. Dear friends and readers of this message, if you know of any medical experts or resources in neurology, acupuncture, and rehabilitation, please do let us know. Thank you!

Hailey blinked at her mother’s comforting words.

We learned that the cost of nerve repair treatment is beyond the scope of insurance payment, and each injection of stem cell will cost USD20,000. Xuemei’s has been in serious financial crisis since the accident. They have cut household expenses and sold valuables from their home without hesitation. Seeing the young girl who could dance so gracefully can only lie on the bed now, our hearts are broken! Seeing that Xuemei’s family is struggling financially, how can we stand by and do nothing!

Several of our good friends discussed seeking social assistance through Gofundme, widely publicized through the news media, to raise fund and help Xuemei’s big family get over the difficulties, so that Hailey can stand up, return to a normal life, and continue the beautiful journey of life.

I would implore all kind-hearted people to extend your helping hand. The following is the donation link and QR code:

Please note that the GoFundMe platform fee is 0%, when you donate, please pull the tip to 0% or the tip ratio you want to give under Tip GoFundMe services, otherwise it will automatically tip 15% of your donation amount . Please see the yellow box in the picture below.

Drops of water merge into streams, love merges into the sea! Every donation, no matter the amount, brings Hailey one step closer to having a chance to live a normal life again. Your generosity is more than a financial contribution; it is a lifeline of hope and love, motivating the Xuemei family to stay strong and fight for our beloved Hailey!

If you have medical resources for cranial nerve therapy, please contact Sisi Law (Yumin Luo), the person in charge of this event. The contact information is as follows:

Mobile: +1 980 288 9865

Thank you so much for your love, dedication and generous support!

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